Orthopedic Insoles

A new opportunity in the shoe market with 2FIT FEET Orthotic Insoles.

They move the way feet do!

Orthotic insoles are the best way to keep feet healthy by giving them proper shock absorption and arch support.2FIT FEET* is a new type of orthotic insole that constantly moulds itself to the shape of the user´s foot.
2FIT FEET containing a special kind of medical granular material enclosed within the insole. This filling has elasticity and moves backwards and forwards under pressure, to give feet the constant support that they need. Here´s why you need them. Orthotic insoles like these - with their dynamic support action - have never been offered to the shoe industry before. That's why you´ll want to distribute them. Find out more details. *2FIT FEET is an Israeli innovation that is also manufactured in Israel. Developed over the past five years, it is protected by international patent (pending).