Technical Description

2FIT FEET Orthotic Insole

Hollow foothold with flexible wallsand
containing granular filling

These orthotic insoles* are suitable for use with boots, regular shoes, sports shoes and sandals. They can also be used with fashion shoes.

Top Covering of fabric, leather or neoprene ensures comfortable contact with the foot.

Central The hollow footwell is manufactured of Bayer Medical or DuPont TPR plastic. It comprises a lumen, a medial arc support, a tarsal support, a bottom wall and sidewalls. A special kind of granular material suited for medical applications fills the lumen. This material moves within the total space according to foot pressure. r vents at the side allow for equalizing of internal air pressure with the atmosphere, providing a cushioning effect.

Base A rigid plate on the bottom face allows the insole to keep its shape within the shoe despite constant pressures.

* 2FIT FEET is an Israeli innovation that is also manufactured in Israel. Developed over the past five years, it is protected by international patent pending.