Orthotic Insoles

Why feet need Orthotic Insoles

Walking barefoot on sand is the best.
Everything else is a compromise.

Look down at your bare feet. Theyíre one of the most complex mechanical structures in your body, comprising 26 bones, all of which are designed to move freely. When you walk barefoot on sand, you are using your feet the way that nature intended.

Now confine them all in a shoe, for hours a day. The feet cannot spread naturally. The toes cannot separate. You begin to understand why people suffer from discomfort all the way from their feet, up the spine and to the cranium.

The analogy to sand is important. The mechanics and anatomy of foot movement requires constant adjustment between the sole and the ground, supporting not only the foot arch but also the toes and how they respond to each step. Conventional Orthotic Insoles provide some degree of natural support Ė but their design doesnít go far enough.

The true innovation of 2FIT FEET Orthotic Insoles* is that the support points in the shoe change as the feet move. This is not just a static support feature achieved when the insoles are fitted. Itís a dynamic support feature. Thatís why it works so well.

Itís the closest you can come to the benefits of walking on sand while your feet and toes are enclosed in shoes. If you are on your legs all day long, youíll quickly see just how much relief you get with 2FIT FEET Orthotic Insoles.

*2FIT FEET is an Israeli innovation that is also manufactured in Israel. Developed over the past five years, it is protected by international patent pending.